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Innovative Ideas for a Herbal Extracts
A rapidly growing company engaged in isolating and manufacturing the basic chemicals from plant sources. We have adequate floor space with the latest manufacturing machines, trained manpower and research scientist. Right from research to the finished product, everything is done in house at hindphrm.

Hindustan Pharmaceuticals was started by Mr. Raman Gupta way back in 1971. Mr. Gupta has more than 30 years experience in the field of herbal extracts. The company is poised to grow even further under his guidance.

Our success at hindphrm stems from the fact that we have always laid solid emphasis on quality. In fact quality is not merely a buzz word at hindphrm, it is an inherent part of our work culture. Every stage of the production process is monitored by our QC managers to ensure that our overseas clients get nothing but the best.


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